Crown of Freemine

Crown of Freemine is a two part adventure designed for 4-6 characters of level 2, finishing with the characters being close to level 4 by the end.

Crown of Freemine contains 

A 21 page adventure for level 2 characters filled with high seas adventure, murder mystery, and a reality shifting dungeon delve.
A full gazateer for the small town of Port Freemine.
10 brand new monsters, such as the creepy dodomeki from japanese mythology or the memory stealing memoriae. 
7 brand new magic items including the entertaining ring of emperors  and the practical unfurling robe.
4 high detail, full colour maps 

Part 1

The PCs will travel to the isolated island of Red Hammer and its sole town, Port Freemine. On the way they will have to face a magical storm and mutated sea monsters. There they become embroyaled in a mystery after the sister of their ships captain is found headless in bed. With detective work they will discover the culprit and fight through a house of horrors to get the head back. At the end discovering that the head has been sent down into the mine below the town for unknown reasons.

Part 2

Having learned the location of the victims head the PCs travel to the local mine in search of answers. All life on the island is being slowly consumed making it a race against the clock to save everyone. Along the way they will discover that the town has been magically enchanted into submission and the miners are prisoners of strange abominations. Once inside they must battle their way to the bottom as the material and astral planes collide, finding a prison like tomb that has been broken open. Finally facing off against an evil githzerai, and the device she is using to kill the island.

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