Trip to Town

Written for a party of 1st level characters “Trip to Town” is a starter adventure to get the party together. It avoids the usual tavern meet-up and throws the disparate party members together on the road and then brings them together with an unnatural storm and…murder.

This adventure provides encounters suitable for diverse play styles. For those who enjoy role-playing, there are opportunities to form meaningful bonds with NPCs ranging from a jolly merchant to an orcish Fistbreaker. For those who favor roll-playing, there are plenty of opportunities for battle. The primary setting for the adventure is wilderness, though there is also a dungeon.

While the encounters in this adventure are linked into a coherent story, you can cannibalize this adventure for standalone encounters that can be run on their own.


The adventure includes:

  • History/Background
  • New Monsters
  • New Magic Items
  • Seven Encounters: Merchant Siblings, Unwelcome Visitor, Bridge Out, Fallen Outpost, A Murder, Trade Camp, Dungeon Entrance, and the Flooded Dungeon.
  • Color Maps


The companion ZIP file contains:

  • JPEG and Campaign Cartographer+ versions of the maps (with and without grid).
  • Hero Lab file for the adventure.
  • PDF of the character sheets for all the monsters and NPCs.

This product is priced at $0.99


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