Almorta – Soul Construct – Player Race

‘Almorta’ are colonies of wild souls that cling to one another for protection. While many form through circumstance, others exist by design. Scholars consider this latter kind constructs of a sort despite them being formed from the one thing regular golems never have.

If you encounter a soul construct, it’s either serving the power that made it or has somehow become liberated. Of this latter kind, many seek dissolution of their bonds but others pursue power of their own.


– Rules and lore for the almorta soul construct.

– Rules for creating an almorta.

– Check the full preview above to see what the almorta has to offer – a race that can hover above the ground and mask its true appearence.

– This player race works great with the Psychopomp player background – available pay-what-you-want on Dungeon Masters Guild.

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