Bianca’s Guide to Golems

Unlock the secrets of magic item crafting, harvesting valuable materials from slain foes and using tool proficiencies to turn those materials into enchanted weapons, armor, and knick-knacks, from the smith’s tools making blades and plate to the weaver’s tools making robes and cloaks to the calligrapher’s tools making scrolls, nearly every tool proficiency finally has something useful to do!

Head into battle with a wide array of guns and grenades, firing shots from the expanded crit range of a rifled barrel, the fiery, freezing, or acidic sting of elemental powder, or the continuous fire provided by a brace of eight pistols and an auto-loader harness with a dozen tiny golem arms to reload your guns between shots! Take grenadier feats to make black powder explosives with alchemical powers like the web grenade, hallucinogen grenade, or the ooze grenade! It takes a lot of effort stuffing an ooze into a hand-size iron shell, but hurl that thing into the midst of a pack of enemies and out pops a gelatinous cube, hungry to dissolve the nearest living thing in acid.

And of course it wouldn’t be a guide to golems without a Golemist specialization for the Artificer, able to build and command constructs of all shape and sizes from a variety of different materials, new stats for golem mooks and bosses for the GM, and new rules for a highly customizable golem race that’s fully compatible with the other golem race whose name I probably shouldn’t say because it’s product identity. Play as a golem with the improved carrying capacity of a heavy frame, the improved movement speed of a light frame, the swim speed of an aquatic design, or some extra cantrips from your built-in mana engine.

And that’s not all! Mutagenic infusions! Annihilation grenades! Walking castles! All this and more, in Bianca’s Guide to Golems!

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