Announcement/Advertising: May Pack – GameScape 3D

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Wood Cutting Work Site

  • Wood Splitting with Ax
  • Sawhorse log cutting station
  • Split log pile
  • Whole log pile
  • Chopped wood pile
  • Chopped wood stack

Ceramics Work Site

  • Open Kiln with Pots
  • Kiln with mud roof
  • Pottery Wheel
  • Bench full of Pots

Tanners Work Site

  • 2 Tanning pit lined with cow horns
  • 1 Tool Table
  • Hide Scrapping work station
  • 2 Stretch racks
  • 1 Stack of hides

Small Buildings

  • Small stable
  • Goblin mud hut
  • Modest work shed with 7 slide in wall variations
  • 3 Pig pens

Miniature Bases

  • Full set of Square Wood Plank Floor Miniature Stands set up for zero support resin or FDM printing with 5-2 multiples
  • Full Set of Round Wood Plank Floor Bases set up for zero support resin or FDM printing


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