Dael Segrach – The Black Iron Grimdark Fantasy

When the Elves fled, they left behind destruction and death. The world became a frozen wasteland home to corrupted horrors and the dreaded Blood Lords. But unbeknown to the people of the Last City, the elves have been sending their Rangers, a highly trained specialist team of spell wielding warriors, to seek out the knowledge and artefacts the elves left behind.

This new source material for the Black Iron Grimdark Fantasy RPG lets you play as one of these Rangers, returning to the hell you created and a land where you are hated and hunted by those you doomed to suffer. You will need to avoid not only the adventures and mercenaries sent by the guilds to find the very same items you seek but also the corrupted monsters, cultists and fanatics that now inhabit the land beyond the sun spires.

This PDF contains everything you need to create Dael (elven) characters and become the Dael Segrach (elven rangers) or have them as NPCs to face off against your band of mercenaries already travelling the Pale.

This product is priced at $2.99


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