Rutort Creature Package

Rutort of Sol’Kesh — 5e Creature Pack with Map + 3D printing files

Populate your adventures with the Rutort, a large grazing beetle beast, liable to charge any who get too near.

Slowly plodding through the flower-fields west of Sol’Kesh rutorts are a common sight, churning up the earth and chewing the thick tubers and deep soil vegetables in the rich earth, the saps of the torn roots further enriching the earth. Often roaming among the herds of similarly sized blomuxes, they are known for their docile temperament and slow seasons of grazing that they’ll make ideal homes for nesting bird life, relying on their thick chitin to defend against all but the most dangerous of predators. Though that temperament only lasts when alone, once seeing another of their kind, male or female, they will charge heedlessly at them, their horns and tusks locking and thick plated chitin slamming into each other, either leading to a successful mating or territorial lines redrawn.

This package includes:

  • A CR3 D&D 5E creature, with original art and 5e styled stat block
  • A regional map of Sol’Kesh, usable in any terrestrial RPG setting
  • Supported and unsupported STL format printing files to 3D print your own miniature version, both creature and base. (Preview image has used resin printing)

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