Spinning Encounters, Realms Below Moria, Part II

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When the Romans took the open-air canal of the Etruscans and expanded it into a sewer system powerful enough to support the capital of the Roman Empire, they didn’t know at the time that they were in actuality building it as an early vampire fallout shelter. The Cloaca Maxima (literally “greatest drain”) was yet one more in the list of amazing things Rome brought to the world! Unfortunately as Rome and its sewers expanded, so did the influence of the vampires.

As the Faewar began, the Gallu, an ancient collection of vampire elders going back to Mesopotamian times, moved all vampiric forces underground. Vampires along with their Renfields and feeding stock were quickly migrated into bunkers and other areas that had long fallen into disuse. Who wanted to hide deep underground when you could hide in plain sight? Unfortunately the fae found them more easily in the open than 99% of human mortals ever would.

Vampires and fae battled long ago as well. The fae believed the undead to be unclean and unworthy of walking in the world. And the fae may have had the sun on their side, but the vampires have used the last several thousand years to expand and prepare for their inevitable return. 

The Adventure

Seeking allies against the fae, the Tattered have sent you to Rome to negotiate for vampire support in fighting back. You were given an area to start looking off the Via Sacra and told to find an entrance to the sewers between the Templum Veneris et Romae and the Colossei. The entrance you seek is marked with a stylized dripping rose. 

It is likely they will test you and then, if they find you worthy, ask you to perform a task for them. They are old, crafty, and on guard with the fae breathing down their necks. You would be wise to stay on your guard.

Next Time

In our next post, we’ll go back to Moria 3 and see what’s in store for our brave space marines!



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