The Banners of Breland: an Eberron adventure in the Mournland



  • 10 new creatures, including the horrifying Mournland Elemental

  • 9 RPG music tracks specifically composed for this adventure

  • Tables for a new supernatural region, “Mournland Battlefield,” including dozens of memorable events to play out as time and space warp around the players

  • 7 new magic items designed and illustrated by Dungeon Scribe

  • 3 brand new living spells, designed by Eventyr Games

  • Custom art by Paper Mage of 4 monsters, including VTT tokens and cut files for paper minis

  • A 50×34 full color Battlemap of a Mournland battlefield next to the Glowing Chasm


Explore the Mournland in The Banners of Breland, face down war incarnate, and return home in one piece… if you can.

This product is priced at $3.99


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