Tomb of the Tormented King

Panic seizes Port Ysabel as the dead begin to rise from the nearby ruins. The curse emanates from the tomb of an ancient king that has been sealed for centuries. Who knows what horrors (and what treasures) are hiding in the tomb’s forgotten depths?

Tomb of the Tormented King is a four-hour adventure designed to be run by two Dungeon Masters simultaneously. The adventure takes two parties, each consisting of three to six characters, into a cursed tomb in an attempt to lay the spirit of an ancient king to rest. 

The tomb is split into two floors—an upper level and a lower level. Each DM guides one of the two parties through one level of the tomb. Overcoming the tomb’s many challenges will require both parties to share key items and clues with each other. Players must occasionally switch parties (and DMs) at certain points in order to successfully complete the adventure.

The adventure can be completed by a single party of three to six characters and run by one DM, but in that case, it will take more than four hours, and you will not experience the unique collaborative approach around which the adventure is designed.

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