Bonus mini for May – Barbarian of the Dale

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I’ve taken a day out to start working on my next set of miniatures that I’ll call ” the Heroes of the Dale”.  Some of you may already be able to guess who this one is!  I’ll give you a clue – he’s very good friends with Drizzle and Gwen!

As well as this one and the next one I’ll be working on (a spritely red headed lass!), you’ll all be getting a bundle of the new sculpts for the Kingdom of Talarius.  The units that I’ve revisited will be recirculated to those that backed them the first time around with all the new sculpts and presupported versions.  So far It’s looking like the unit of Monks and 4 Hero Characters including the King, plus Chief Engineer Sidney (who won’t get shown just yet as I’ll be doing a reveal on the KS)

Things will be back to normal next month and I’ll be expanding on the Heroes of the Dale set to include a dwarf Warrior with a broken helm, a halfling rogue with a spectacular pendant, a Drow Mercenary Captain with a spectacular hat and a pretty badass human assassin!  Time permitting I may also add an elderly blind ranger, a deep gnome warden and a Drow weapons master, a pirate hunting captain and an eccentric wizard (who may or may not have a horse frog).  If anyone feels very strongly about characters that should be in this set please comment below!

On a side note and back to the Kickstarter for a minute – my goal is to get to over £50k so I can employ another sculptor full time to help produce more content for you guys but also to get it all done ahead of time so I can be more proactive about advertising and building up my Patrons.  If any of you have any models for the Kingdom of Talarius that you’ve printed off and/or painted up, I would really appreciate it if you took the time to post pics of them on your social media and in your groups, linking back to the Kickstarter campaign  to give me a hand to achieve my goal and begin to build up my studio.



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