Celestial Gate – (34×51)

This material was posted on patreon by Cze and Peku

Deep within this enchanted birch forest there awaits a gate to the stars. Or maybe somewhere completely different if the Fey have been messing with it! Time to open a portal, jump in and find out!

Our idea for this map was trying to find some mix between the eerie and ancient and the peaceful ambience of an ancient forest.

We’re joined for this map by McRoMusic who has composed a great track to accompany this map. We’ll be posting that shortly after this, go give it a listen and check out his work!


Get this week’s map files using the links below:

Celestial Gate – $1 Rewards

Celestial Gate – $3 Rewards

Celestial Gate – $5 Rewards

This week’s map variations:


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