June Preview + Roadmap

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June New Releases

In June we’re continuing with the release of the Duchies of Vinci plus the Alien Hives models, with lots of new and exciting models. On top of that we’re also going to be releasing a new version of the Dwarf Warriors which now includes a command group, as well as a new Battle Sisters hero with the Standard Bearer.

Next month we’ll also be revealing our new loyalty rewards for the Duchies of Vinci and the Alien Hives, which are going to be huge and epic. 😀

For 2D print we’re going to be releasing a new fantasy army (still to be voted) and the Mercenaries Gang. On the gaming side we’re going to be releasing 4 new missions for all games, as well as keep working on our skirmish adventure game Sellswords.

3D Print Rewards (35 models):

  • Duchies of Vinci – Alchemist x1
  • Duchies of Vinci – Captain on Horse x1
  • Duchies of Vinci – Scouts x10
  • Duchies of Vinci – Scout Slingshot x4
  • Duchives of Vinci – Themed Bases x44
  • Duchies of Vinci – Game Aids x9
  • Alien Hives – Psycho-Rex x2
  • Alien Hives – Toxico-Rex x2
  • Alien Hives – Burrower x2
  • Alien Hives – Themed Bases x44
  • Alien Hives – Game Aids x9
  • Dwarves – Warriors x12
  • Battle Sisters – Standard Bearer x1

2D Print Rewards:

  • New Fantasy Army (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Hive City Mercenaries (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Fantasy Terrain (4 Colors + PSD)
  • Hive City Terrain (4 Colors + PSD)

Games Rewards:

  • 4 New Missions
  • Sellswords (beta)

The above is only the new stuff that’s being added next month, so you’re also getting a ton of other welcome pack minis, 50% discount code, games, and much more!

Project Roadmap

Starting in July we’re going to be doing triple releases, with the Duchies of Vinci, Alien Hives, and the Mummified Undead. On top of that we’re also going to be releasing some small sets of models for Dwarves and Battle Sisters (new models, not re-releases).

The Alien Hives are set to be completed by August, at which point we’ll be starting with the release of new models for the Robot Legions, which we’ll be completing over the course of a few months. Note that you’ll also be getting new themed bases and game aids for both the Robot Legions and the Mummified Undead. 😀

Here’s a breakdown by month:

  • July – Duchies of Vinci, Alien Hives & Mummified Undead
  • August – Duchies of Vinci, Alien Hives & Mummified Undead
  • September – Duchies of Vinci, Robot Legions & Mummified Undead

That’s it for now, happy wargaming!

– Gaetano


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