Paradise, An Expansion for Fairview

They call it the Second Great War. The War to End All Wars. Again. They say the fighting could go on for years. Our men are over there, killing and fighting for America. It’s in every newspaper. Every day. It’s all we read about. But some of us had to stay behind to grow crops and take care of America’s heartland. Most of us have given our sweat to the soil with help from our neighbors.

Or in spite of them.

But our successes are for America, not for us. We don’t gloat about a good harvest.
We offer up our bounty to the war effort to strike down the Axis powers — home
and abroad.

But something isn’t right in the heartland. Paradise feels wrong somehow. There’s talk of every manner of enemy in our town. And now, someone has gone missing. Is it any wonder why we’re afraid and hate those who don’t belong here?

This is an expansion to Fairview.

Ownership of Fairview is required to play this game.

This product is priced at $6.95


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