WHITEFRANK: Hawk Castle (Skindenovea Book 1)

HAWK CASTLE! Beautiful castle and keep on top of Hawk Peak, sheltered from the annihilating cold of its home-world by the miles-high Hands of Fate and its lofty elevation. Within the castle the Staff cater to the needs of visiting adventurers, but it is the Dungeon level where the real mystery lies…

In the center of the Dungeon is The Arch, and through it- a hyperspace dungeon of intersecting Rooms known as The Dwellings of Simplicity!

Characters begin inside the ground floor of the Tower Keep, and have a forest, a castle complex and the endlessly replayable Dwellings of Simplicity in which to adventure and explore!

Full maps of the Castle, Tower Keep and Dungeon, and random charts for the Dwellings of Simplicity. Many new monsters, Legendary and Mythic unique weapons, the Haukr, an avian race, the Pig Guards and Apple Orchard Pigs, and below the sloping Hawkwood Forest – the setting’s first glimpse of The Deeps of Niflheim…

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