A Packet of Particular Peaks

A Packet of Particular Peaks. This is a go-to reference for a system neutral, old school inspired fantasy setting that aims to provide a “drop-in-and-drop-out” experience. You can run a small side quest within the peaks, provide a parallel campaign to your normal adventures, or simply pull from this packet for game-able material in your role playing game sessions.

We hope you enjoy your time in the peaks!

The Three Peaks

Passage Peak, Dream Peak, and Bleak Peak are three particular peaks that all feature unique aspects and deep mysteries for players to explore. Each peak can be thought of as an individual world (or setting), all with specific methods used to enter a given peak. None of these particular peaks are accessible via physical travel, as each peak represents a mental state that only exists within a character’s mind. Experiences will vary greatly between each of them, with memories (or nightmares) waiting to be made; and adventures to be had.

  • Passage Peak – A deceptively tranquil mountain range filled with stunning meadows, planes, and forests. Passage Peak represents a metaphorical “happy place” for some, and a literal feeding frenzy for those that seek to benefit from the positive energy generated in this breathtaking realm.
  • Dream Peak – Unbelievable beauty weaves throughout Dream Peak, as if perfection was a flowing river that washes over the rolling hills caught between awe-inducing snow capped mountains. However, the wondrous structures, majestic beasts, and incredible views cannot hide the insidious events that occur within Dream Peak.
  • Bleak Peak – Extremely dangerous, deprived of color, and full of threats. Bleak Peak represents turmoil, and it’s terrain reflects that as it bends and sharpens with every minute; convulsing as if it were mutating in front of the viewer’s eyes. Home to sinister factions, unspeakable monstrosities, and insanity inducing spectral beings.

The Full Contents

A Packet of Particular Peaks is an art-heavy setting source book intended to be used for fantasy tabletop role playing games. It can be used with nearly any pre-existing system, and does not include system specific stats, rules, or restrictions.

  • Detailed descriptions of 3 unique mountain settings
  • Outlined methods of entering each peak
  • Highlighted inhabitants, random events, overland features, and locations of interest for each of the peaks
  • Bestiary of 18 illustrated creatures
  • 3 hex maps – one for each peak!
  • d100 magic items. That’s right, one-hundred!
  • A handy adventure prompt generator
  • 45 original illustrations by L.F. OSR 
  • Additional information tables

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