BuildWere Workshop


The Logo for The Build-A-Were Workshop styled like the build-a-bear logo but with a plague doctor instead of a bear. The text reads

The Build-A-Were Workshop is a supplemental rule set for running, playing, and building custom werebeasts. From werewolves to werewolverines, lycanthropes to dracorats, the only limit is your imagination.

47 pages that goes into the whats weres and hows of the curse, including:

  • 12 prebuilt lycanthropic player options revamped from the Book of House, including the Wereoctopus and the Werewasp, plus two new options in the Weredrake and Weremist
  • A guide to building your own werecreatures with 72 bestial features to choose from, allowing you to fill your world with Werefrogs, Weremonkeys, and even Werehouses
  • 2 new character options in the Lunetherians, the progenitors of lycanthropy, and the Shifter, the distant descendants of werefolks
  • Templates for making quick werebeast stat blocks and applying lycanthropy to monstrous creatures
  • Plenty of commentary and insight from the great wizard and researcher Sir House

Have A Look At Our Weres

A table of contents for the bookA preview of two prebuilt weres, the wereoctopus and the wererat

The dracorat page, featuring a young red dragon with wererat lycanthropyA list of hypothetical weres, including some comedic options such as the werehouse and the wereclothes