Dark Carnival Debuts Early June 2021

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Hope you’re having an awesome Hump Day so far! 

Just a quick announcement. Dark Carnival is officially added to the calendar for releases in June 2021. I’ve been working through most of the content (while taking breaks on the Kickstarter stuff, of course) and have some pretty cool things to share.

This will also be the first official Dungeons & Lairs micro-campaign setting. The 30-40 some odd page document will include everything you need to run a complete Dark Carnival campaign. 

Unlike much of the content that comes with DMDave, this one will be available exclusively for Patrons with only a few free samples to entice new users. I’m not sure which tier it’ll be for, but likely these micro-campaigns will be for Electrum+ subs as it’ll take a bit more work to get them going.

Let me know what you all think about micro-campaigns and Dark Carnival in the comments below.


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