Direhold Realms: The Glasshouse of Terror


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Direhold Realms: Monster Mansion of Madness

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Direhold Realms: Monster Mansion of Madness

The Tiles

Direhold Realms: Monster Mansion of Madness pack consists of a 300dpi PDF that contains 4 fully customisable building levels. The large 8″ X 10″ tiles use the maximum print area on each page.

All of the map tiles give you the ability to turn on and off, or even swap different elements and monsters each individual room.

Its vibrant art style has been designed with the gameplay experience in mind, allowing the player to view the tiles with maximum clarity.

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Each map tile now comes supplied with a 1” grid that can also be turned on or off

Only $7.49 Get your copy here

Direhold Realms: Monster Mansion of Madness

Virtual Table Top (VTT)

 Also Included with this purchase are individual PDF sheets of each Map Tile.

 Created at 140 DPI, these sheets are completely customisable and can be exported as images to be used for your favourite Virtual Table Top.

The whole collection of map tiles, generated in JPG format at 140DPI, with and without a grid overlay are also included, ready to be used for your Virtual Table Top gaming.

Monster-Mansion-Basement01.gif Monster-Mansion-Ground-Floor01.gif
Monster-Mansion-First-Floor01a.gif Monster-Mansion-Roof01.gif

Adapt individual elements of each room, You may even change the type of monsters you wish to lurk within the Monster Mansion of Madness

Only $7.49 Get your copy here

Direhold Realms: Monster Mansion of Madness


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