Gamma K

Nexxus is a psychic phenomenon in a world of contradictions and carnage. Wastelands hide ancient cities buried eons ago; Mutant beasts who view human flesh as a delicacy; a village may consist of carnivorous vampire children. And then there is the psychic vortex, the Nexxus, its macabre dance, leaving madness and destruction in its path or passing over harmlessly. Welcome to a mutant futureā€¦

Gamma K is a game where you can be a Glimmer, a human with a high resistance to Blight and Genetic Deviations, an Awakened, a human with a special mutation or hidden power, or an Uplift, a hybrid of animal and human. The technology of Nexxus is about ninety percent medieval. Each nomad camp, village, or town is its own feudal society, or an enclave ruled by a council. Supplies are limited and outside of these communities, one is likely to die of starvation, dehydration, Blight, or fall prey to the flora and fauna if not prepared. Gamma K is powered by the Knave RPG, by Ben Milton.

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