Spinning Encounters, Realms Below Moria, Part III

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Let’s learn a little more about this new alien species, shall we?

The Morians

The Morians evolved from simple insectoid origins to swarm across their world, evolving rapidly but developing into an extremely war-torn species. Every evolution led to a new battle with the existing generations, resulting in huge cycles of boom and bust. Smart but territorial they fought hard to stay alive and keep what little land and resources they could find.

Eventually the rapid evolution slowed and they were able to find longer and longer periods of peace between the wars. Morian scientists believed that though there may be another handful of evolutions left in their DNA that they were able to adapt more quickly and with less bloodshed. That didn’t prove to be the case, but the war only lasted decades instead of centuries.

The Gollus had been watching the Morians for eons and chose to interject themselves when the last cycle of war ended as it would be their last opportunity before fleeing the galaxy in search of a new home. The boost to Morian technology and scientific know-how provided the push the species needed to enter a new, less conflicted era.

Unfortunately the Dread had other plans.

Species Divisions

Morians have divided into three classifications:

  • Drones make up the majority of the Morian population.
  • Intelligentsia have a slight edge with larger minds than the average drones, but weaker bodies.
  • And the Royalty have a size advantage and are the breeders of the species.

Species Details

  • Morian Drones (Mid-level): Legged (10m), Attribute 10, Accuracy 11, Traits: Tactical Suit (AR2/AP10); Guns, Laser Knife (Melee) (d6+1), Laser Pistol (Ranged) (d6+1; 1-10m range; RS1; 15 round battery), Melee, Target Practice
  • Morian Intelligentsia (Mid-level): Legged (10m), Attribute 10, Education 11, Traits: Back to School, Biology, Botany, Environmental Suit (AR1/AP5), Medicine, Observant
  • Morian Royalty (Mid-level): Legged (15m), Attribute 11, Presence 12, Size: Large, Traits: Administration, Leadership, Leadership Training, Tactics, Tough Hide (AR2)

New Traits

  • Botany (Education) – Specialized knowledge and skills necessary to create and cultivate forms of plant life
  • Leadership Training – Gain +1 Presence
  • Target Practice (Special) – Gain +1 Accuracy

Next Time

Next time we’ll head back to Rome and talk about the Gallu and their quest to stop the Faewar on their turf. 


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