GMD Online just shared: “Thank You!”

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Thank you for your patience! 

I am ploughing through getting promotional material ready for the Birmingham Games Expo and as you know I do everything myself, but I want to reassure you I am also trying to organise my next projects. 

These we will discuss at the Patreon Meeting on Monday 5th at 8 pm UK Time. 

I have started to create some project management templates to help me organise how long certain projects will take.

I am wanting to set a self-challenge of creating a product for a month starting September through to December. 

A Tall order since the V&M Guide took 8 months and the CORE RPG 14 months. 

But I will go flat out and see if I can do this.

My goal is to have three primary products.

  • 1 x CORE World
  • 1 x Guide Book
  • 1 x Adventure

But I will also be working on the Expandable Guides and other CORE Worlds/Guides/Adventures each month as secondary products. 

What the primary three products will be I will announce on Monday 5th at the meeting. 

For those of you unable to make the meeting. I will do a write-up and then we can discuss it on a dedicated post here. 

Thank you for your patience because of your support we have seen the creation of three successfully printed miniatures with more to come, some one-shot adventures the Vehicles & Mounts Guide completed, expandable guide book all see tup and having new rules added monthly, Tokens, Art Cards, Works in progress set up ready for this next phase.

I’m really excited about this next phase which will start once the Expo design work is out of the way!




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