Chased | A Quickstart Adventure for the Fractured RPG

Chased is a introductory adventure that acts as a companion to the Fractured QuickStart Guide and is designed to get a new GM and group into the game as quickly as possible by providing a location, a story, some pregenerated characters to choose from, and a bunch of gruesome bad guys to overcome!

In addition to the eponymous encounter contained within, Chased also serves as a mini-sourcebook by providing multiple locations within the same region, 19 fully statted NPCs for the players to interact with, plot hooks for future games, and 6 pregenerated characters that allow players to just jump in and get started. It will also serve as a lead-in to the first full sourcebook, Crossroads Chronicles, due in 2022.

So, what is Fractured? Currently in open-beta, Fractured is a post-apocalyptic tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) that takes place roughly a year after a virus has wiped out almost all of humanity. Polite society left with the 6 billion who died, and all the old rules went with it.

With the world pushed back to the population and technology levels of the 1800s, players will have to decide what they are prepared to do to survive in this new world where there are no rules or laws, no authority or justice, no help and no compassion, and where tracking their ammo and food is a must because everything of any value is rapidly running out.

On the grittier end of the RPG spectrum, Fractured has no zombies, no vampires and no mutants. There is no sorcery, or evil wizards, no fantastic creatures, no aliens, no lasers, and no magic healing potions. There is just the gnawing cold, constant hunger and, most terrifying of all, other humans to contend with.

Everything everyone knew has changed and people are going to have to do ugly things to survive. The players’ will find their morality being tested with ethical choices that may impact long-term game-play as they navigate this dangerous world and ask themselves what they are prepared to do to survive.  

After all, when starvation is a very real prospect, people have to make some very interesting choices.

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