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This year in Titan City we have covered a full spectrum of characters – heroes, villains, idealists, outcasts, professionals, and total freaks. We hope that each of you has found miniatures that inspired your imagination for sci-fi adventures.

In order to celebrate the anniversary, we want to bring you highlights of the best moments we have had in Titan City throughout this year along with some fresh concepts that we will want to explore and expand in the future!

Let’s begin with a moment of contemplation. Park your car on the hill somewhere, take off the mask, and look at the city lights with some much-needed distance. Our Anniversary Model – Jenny Silverleg and her car Shuriken are our tribute to the year of Cyberpunk 2077. What a drama and what a ride it has been! No matter what you got out of all of this it’s hard not to appreciate all the cool cyberpunk characters it has introduced.

Yakuza has the longest tradition both in the Titan City and in the Cyber Forge. Our first releases focused strongly on this honorable clan. The Yakuza has never stopped being on the roll and gained some powerful members and allies throughout this year. We would like to show them to you now for the first time!

The core of Yakuza’s strength comes from its assassins. Yubari relies on speed, she is faster than wind and unleashes the power of the hurricane. O-ren uses fear to manipulate her enemies and lets them crumble before delivering the final blow. Futaki, on the other hand, uses her grace and charm to get close to her unsuspecting targets.

The 2nd pillar of Yakuza is information. Howie Le is a master sushimaster. His joint is beloved especially by TCPD employees who receive generous discounts. Prominent detectives like Ryan Ford come here all the time. And so does Yakuza, listening to his every word. It’s not Howie’s fault that his titan rolls are that good.

Lastly, everything that is missing, can be bought with money. The Yakuza’s finances have never been that good. All thanks to Otojiro Tanaka, the clan’s top debt collector, who won’t stop swinging his bat until every last coin is extorted.

Not everything can be that great, though. Tsukino, boss Takahashi’s daughter is soon to replace him. Everyone expected a worthy successor, what they got is a trigger-happy, sadistic maniac.

The other players in Titan City did not sleep either. A new gang, Caveiras, is consolidating power. The leader, Manduca de Praia, became friends with politicians by organizing lavish parties and capoeira tournaments. Normally, he would go down fast but the guy is protected by an extremely efficient bodyguard duo, Paulo and Petro Hogan. Althoug they are commonly mistaken for twins, they are actually one mind split into two bodies, which makes every fight a 2v1.

The clickers were a menace in TC but haven’t been heard of in a while. The truth is, they have changed their strategy. No more zerging, the Clicker Regent is breeding and amassing an army ready to flood the city with alien life forms. Anyone that becomes aware of the plan is quickly taken care of by the Royal Stalkers. Sorry for making you aware, good luck.

The Space Utopia Collective is an organization that many feel will take over the galaxy with their egalitarian slogans and AI’s support. The collective has finished building the new peace-bringing device, TIde-Ripper VY22 makes everyone think twice about starting a new conflict. More and more regular citizens are also joining the collective and are gladly organized into Supaku Militia. City Council is slowly losing grasp on the government, they have never fought against peace before.

The good, unfortunately, is always one step behind the evil. The Cyber Cult set on world domination by replacing everything with steel is unrolling the Titans. These mechs are also very egalitarian, especially in their choice of which living organisms to terminate.

This year has brought many new things but also took some beautiful things away. In loving memory of Schnauzer Angola we present the Mitch Martin miniature with his beloved companion.

Finally, due to popular demand and to help you create crowded settings with the Upper City Terrain and Upper City Bases, we have prepared the first Civilian Pack with the parts to create over 100 different upper city pedastrians. Beginning with this one, we will be introducing more packs in different styles in the following releases. 

We have prepared more surprises for Anniversary Month, so be sure to stay with us and celebrate 1 year of Cyber Forge!

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