Die Screaming: After the End


“We had such potential. Such promise. But we squandered our gifts, our intelligence. Our blind pursuit of technology only sped us quicker to our doom. Our world is ending. But life must go on.”

–           9 (2009)

After the End is a content expansion pack for Die Screaming. Like previous expansions that have now been consolidated, its contents will be added into the Player’s Guide to provide a single resource for players to use, and this update acts as a “what’s new” post as the game is continually supported.

Any updates/corrections to the content in this expansion will occur within the Player’s Guide or Director’s Guide.

  • New options for the Champion destiny. The Barbarian and Swashbuckler are ready to meet their foes in battle.
  • New destiny: Monster Hunter. Use occult powers to fight the forces of darkness wherever they hide.
  • New powers for Monster Hunters, Necromancers, and Warlocks. Summon demons, bind golems, and cleanse evil.
  • A new downward spiral, Alchemist. Combine magic, metallurgy, and chemistry to create something truly abominable.
  • Five new dark realms to challenge survivors.
  • New relics to unearth from dark realms.
  • An example setting, Pacifica. An example backstory that you can use to run campaigns.
  • New monsters. Divine beings from antiquity, golems, werewolves, aliens, and worse.

What Is Die Screaming?

Die Screaming is a love letter to horror cinema of the last four decades. Every game of Die Screaming begins with a supernatural apocalypse and characters based on classic horror tropes.

As the game progresses, the survivors learn that to fight marauding armies of aliens, demons, eldritch abominations, mutants, zombies, and even vengeful angels, they must in turn become monsters.

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