Fugla – 5e Corvus Hybrid Race

“Of the people of Obelisk, they are among the youngest to grace its expanse. Their origin being that of flightless birds, they instread find their inspiration in the natural and in the beautiful melodies of a warbling songbird.”

The “Fugla” is a Corvus Hybrid race for 5e Dungeons & Dragons. Included are all of the relevant rules for creating a character with this custom race. All artwork and illustration is provided by Alex Rodeghiero-Smith (@comicg0blin). Additional artwork was made using Heroforge.com and their Token Maker.

Wherever you find yourself, you can be sure that a fugla will regail every pub and tavern with tales of your finest adventures. Or, perhaps, you can become the obsessive artisan that crafts and stores every potion, poison and concotion in your next campaign!

Careful design choices were made in order to make this player PDF accessible. This includes a high-contrast design and simple, serif font for readability.

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– lonomy.

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