Simple Sci-Fi for 5E

Simple Sci-Fi For 5E


Diabolist Dice presents a science fiction rule re-skin, Simple Sci-Fi For 5E


This book is intended as a simple re-skin of some of the gameplay elements in 5e, focusing on: skills, weapons, and armor.

This can act as a handy reference guide for both DMs and players who are running a campaign in a science fiction setting.

The options presented in this book do not change any of the core game mechanics, and should not have any impact on encounter balancing. They are designed to be an easy, no-hassle, filter which gives the core D&D 5e rules a sci-fi feel.

These options would be perfect for a one-shot, or one-off adventure, in a sci-fi setting, or could even be used for an entire sci-fi campaign.


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