Surviving the Feywild: A Dungeon Master’s Guide to Worldbuilding

spiritsm.jpgThis resource will help Dungeon Masters build adventures in the Plane of Faerie, a land where anything can happen.

This resource highlights the different locations in the Feywild with some examples of Wonderous and beautiful locations for your players to stumble across or interact with. It features many guides to building social encounters with the Fey including what many of the creatures and NPC’s will want and what they can offer in exchange.

It features a guide to riddles including 28 example riddles to puzzle your players.

Finally, this guide features lots of random tables to help you customize your Fey world including weather, encounters, powerful creatures’ lairs, food.

Plus check out five new magic items and nine new creatures.

Chapter One:
Highlights the power and the amgic of song, dance, stories, curses, prophecies, and promises

Chapter Two:
Discusses travel into and out of the Feywild, finding a guide, and how travel works

Chapter Three:
Provides options for Natural Wonders, Magical Wonders, and Weather

Chapter Four:
Creature Encoutners including social encounters, manners, riddles, combat encounters, and creatures’ lairs

Chapter Five:
Making deals with the Fey including what they want and what they can offer

Chapter Six:
Discusses the Archfey and their courts including Titania, Oberon, the Queen of Air and Darkness, the Seelie and Unseelie Fey, and many more less-known Archfey. This also provides fun new options for more Archfey that you can add to your game.

Chapter Seven:
This guide to foraging in the Feywild features fun, new fruit and vegetable options to show how magical your world is. It also has tables to help you create magical foods that create random magical effects when eaten.

Chapter Eight:
Five new magic items each a fun play on words, but very effective additions to your party’s arsenal.

Chapter Nine:
Nine new creatures ranging from CR 1/8 to CR 4 to surprise your party with new enemies.

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