The Dee Sanction: Window of the Soul

While there’s nothing like Southwark for an evening of entertainments in the drinking holes, brothels and bear-baiting pits, the Agents of Dee find their evening interrupted by a brawl in the street that takes a disturbing turn.

There’s more afoot than drunken revelry, it would seem, but can the Agents uncover the threat before it escalates beyond their control.

The Dee Sanction is a tabletop role-playing game about serving Queen and country in the late Tudor period. While kingdoms vie for power and the Church splinters under the pressure of reform, folklorish creatures emerge from enforced hiding seeking revenge against those who imprisoned them.

The PDF includes an A4 format, 3-page adventure, including a map of the adventure’s location and stats for the primary protagonists.

Written and Illustrated by Paul Baldowski.

This product is priced at $1.40


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