The Plebeian number 3

In this, issue 3 of The Plebeian, we are bringing you the preview, the so-called Fast Play of our minimalist OSR RPG system, The World of Zoa. The purpose of this system is to be an RPG that can be played either solo or in traditional mode with a GM and Players. We’ve already posted on DriveThru a lot of information about the world and lore of Zoa, and now we’re laying out the basics of the system for you to start playing and share your feedback with our team.


Zoa was developed with the beginning player in mind, and we are trying to rescue the old ideas of primordial RPGs, with the adoption of level 0 and an initial level cap up to 3. This was thought to make for a very exciting game,and will allow the Game Master and solo player to work the narrative, aided by a simple and robust system.

We really want players and GMs to send their opinions and ideas, because we want the system to reach the maximum number of players, and have a quick, simple and cheap option for good RPG games. The system will still have a link to our main Chronicles of Artrusia system (not yet released in English) and will allow both worlds to be played in one-shot adventures or in major campaigns. Have fun, and keep in touch with us! We will release a lot of cool things for Zoa and Oldschool RPGs.

In this issue, Sample Adventure for Zoa RPG: The Zoa Caverns.


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