Titan-Forge Miniatures just shared 26 new images: “July Highborn Elves Full Previev”

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Army of Highborn Elves has arrived and you can admire in the whole glory! Wall off living Mithrill created from young elf clerics. Those warriors will set up in unbreakable ranks to stop every intruder. On the flanks, ready to charge Highborn cavalry. Noble riders on faithful mounts.  

The sky over them is controlled by Phenix and eagles, eternal allies of Highborn’s. They are always ready for swift attack to crush enemies.

All soldier needs a leader to follow.  Highborn heroes are livings legends, a true inspiration for generations of elves.

To complete this picture see Highborn Mages, masters of elements, who will dominate over every battlefield.

Next month CyberForge will have 1 year anniversary and they preparing special models for that occasion. Remember to check them 🙂
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