A Field Guide to Temerrit

Greetings, reader, and welcome to the official field guide to the ten towns of Temerrit! I’m here to take you through this exciting adventure setting delving into the ten towns of the famous (or infamous, depending on your viewpoint) province of Temerrit. The ten towns are, in order of importance, Ewdea, Monolith, Cobalt Landing, Vigilance, Greenfield, Piers, Trom’s Gate, Leffert’s Folly, Smyall, and Icafor Post. Each town has its own character and challenges in this riven, politically unstable province.

In this guidebook you will find a map for each town, featuring points of interest, as well as a handful of NPC contacts for PCs to visit. Additionally, plot hooks and storylines are provided for each town, as well as an overarching storyline for DMs wishing to utilize the entire province, or just a single settlement! Welcome to Temerrit, and if you don’t have a weapon, let’s get that sorted out now, shall we?

The Field Guide To Temerrit includes the following:

  1. Ten unique towns & villages, with backstory, industries, points of interest, and NPCs to encounter.
  2. Twenty-one maps, two for each city (one with a key, one without) and a map of the province.
  3. An engaging backstory with several opportunities for campaign hooks depending on your group & interests (politics, exploration, or intrigue and revolution)
  4. 40 unique plot hooks for groups of all levels
  5. An entire province for you and your PCs to explore!

This product is priced at $9.95


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