Life is like a hurricane, here in…


Once the gleaming jewel of Calisotaa fowl wind now blows down the streets of DUKK BÖRG, abandoned by all but those foolish enough to travel there and those cruel enough to survive. The treasures of long dead merchant-emperors call to you, and so you and your clan have flocked as birds of a feather to almost certain ruin. Mysteries are yours to solve, histories are yours to be written. For every day you will be out there, facing…


Words and layout by Gem Room Games
Original art by Nerdy Paper Games

Key features

  • A map of the doomed city of DUKK BÖRG and surrounding Calisota, featuring SKRUJ’s castle, his ancient Citadel of Gold, Hookbill Henge, and The Moon.
  • A new theme psalm that counts down the world’s demise with hurricanes, racecars, lasers, aeroplanes, and strangers out to find you.
  • Rules for creating your own clan in the McDuck tradition.
  • Four new optional character classes, including the avaricious Treasure Hunter and eccentric Gizmo Speaker.
  • Five adversaries and six disreputable associates seeking the same wealth as you.
  • Twelve treasures and artifacts based on the Ducktales back catalog to retrieve or die trying.
  • All of it compatible with any MÖRK BORG adventure!

This product is priced at $12.00


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