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We held a poll earlier this month in which we asked all of you guys to tell us what sort of Items you would like to see for Monster Menagerie. We went with the highest vote there, which was Liam’s ‘Portable Cage’ as a source of inspiration. We turned it into a backpack capable of capturing pokem– creatures!

Without further ado, this month’s exclusive Item Cards for all “The First Scouts“, “First Class Ranger“,”Undaunted Pioneer“, “Grand Archivist” and “Master Chronicler” supporters, here to accompany you and your companions on your epic tales:

$2+ Rewards

[The First Scouts] [First Class Ranger] [Undaunted Pioneer] & [Grand Archivist] [Master Chronicler]

Crippling Fledgling

Weapon (Dart) | Uncommon | Requires Attunement

If you see a bird coming at you at high speed, dodge it! There’s a likely chance it is not an angry bird, but a copy-cat made out of wood. It contains a dangerous concoction of nature’s extract. Once thrown or blown, the Crippling Fledgling flies for its target mercilessly and upon impact leaves its target paralyzed for a brief period of time.

Monster Lure

Potion | Uncommon | Requires No Attunement

We can’t smell, hear or see this potion’s appeal. To us it kinda smells like dung! But to them, the monsters? This smells like grilled barbeque chicken on a sunny Saturday afternoon mixed with an unhealthy dose of boosted dopamine. It makes for a perfect getaway to escape any nasty buggers or for a brilliant lure for any cute fuzzballs you would like to appeal to.

Monster Backpack

Wondrous Item | Rare | Requires No Attunement

Made out of sturdy leather and enchanted with sophisticated magic, the Monster Backpack can be carried easily and comfortably to any place you desire. But don’t just stuff it with useless gibberish like it’s an ordinary bag. It’s a monster catching backpack! Ever dreamt about being the very best? Like no one ever has? Well, this is your chance! Scale any monster up or down to size and fit them into your Backpack for a full two days.

$5+ Rewards

[Grand Archivist] [Master Chronicler]

Berserker’s Katar

Weapon (Shortsword) | Legendary | Requires Attunement

Made from the sharp claws of an ancient monster, the Katar is as impressive as it is deadly. In the right hands, it can be devastating to any opponent. However, these ancient monsters have an insatiable thirst for blood. So much, in fact, that fights to the death between its species are not uncommon. Whoever wields this weapon has a high chance of entering a blood frenzy; one where blood needs to be spilled. What if there’s no enemy’s blood to spill? Your friends maybe next.

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  • Variations: With text, Without category, Without text,  Transparent

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