Magic and Cursed Item Pack

Note: This is a living product, meaning it will continually get updates past its posting with additional content. As a pay-what-you-want product, you can adjust what you feel is fair for what is currently available, but the suggested price takes into consideration the future of the product, where the current amount of content may double, triple, or quadraple from its original posting.

Ever just need a bunch of cool and interesting magic items, maybe even some cursed ones? Then this is the product for you! This is an ever-growing list of magic and cursed items sorted by weapons, armor, and misc. items. This features some magic items found in other products such as the magic items for the Blood Rose Knight Subclass, as well as some items for future subclass releases.

The current item count is 31. Featuring 9 Weapons, 5 Armors, and 17 misc items. Some spots within the document may be blank to leave room for future items to be added.

Although these items were designed in mind with 5e, their concepts can be easily translated to any other tabletop game.

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