Star Crawl: Beyond the Flesh

Technology shall succeed where flesh has failed!

Beyond the Flesh is a cybernetics supplement, written for Star Crawl, DCC, and MCC, but easily adaptable for use with just about any d20 based RPG

  • Full rules for adding cybernetics to your Star Crawl games
  • Guidance and rules for including cybernetics in DCC & MCC
  • A new Star Crawl class: the CyberDoc, specialist in cybernetic surgery
  • Special rules for New Flesh: dangerous semi-intelligent organic implants
  • Star Crawl Bonus Material: Vehicle pursuit rules to quickly add exciting chases your games
  • And a complete adventure, “The Cybernetic Underbelly”!

48 B&W pages, presented by Tuesday Night Fiend Club 

This product is priced at $5.00


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