A Pirate’s Life

Keeping up with the Davey Joneses

Yoho! Join an elective family of pirates for a heart-warming adventure on the high seas. All be welcome, no matter your countenance, means or ability.

Find love, acceptance, and pirate booty in this serious, heart-warming larp about choosing each other when society wouldn’t.

tags: serious, heart-warming, family, queer, pirates

A Pirate’s Life is a 2-hour live-action role playing game for 5-8 mature players that explores chosen family through the lens of piracy.

We’ll spend time together, loving, healing and validating one another. We will play flawed and hurting individuals, driven to the sea by an ignorant and unforgiving society. We will strive to understand each other, support and defend one another, and form bonds of filial, platonic and romantic love.

• Begin playing immediately—no preparation required.

• Everyone plays—the facilitator just presents the game by reading the rules script.

• You don’t need dice, pens, or paper. You do need a name badge holder for each player.

Eight unique characters have their own set of prompts for each of six pre-set scenes, that will guide a personal transformation and an epic shared story:

  • Cutlass Jane is the captain trying to prove she won’t sink another ship.
  • Old Kel is the experienced bosun trapped in past glories.
  • Carmen is the gunner who can’t forgive themself.
  • Mama Bear is the quartermaster who loves everyone but herself.
  • The Professor navigates the ship away from his past life.
  • Big ‘T’ is the big strong cook who feels scared and alone.
  • Little ‘T’ is the carpenter who’s built a facade to hide their true self.
  • Frenchie is the surgeon who can never go home.

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