Classic Modules Today – Night Below 5e Conversion

In 1995, TSR published the campaign adventure named “Night Below” for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition. It was written by Carl Sargent and illustrated by Jeff Easley, Arnie Swekel, and Glen Michael Angus. It was a box set consisting of three 64-page books, player handouts on 16 sheets, an 8-page Monstrous Compendium supplement, 8 referee reference cards, and 3 double-sided full-color maps with tactical maps. This conversion guide allows you to run the original campaign adventure with 5th Edition rules, taking player characters from 1st level to 14th level.

This conversion includes extensive notes on how to run this 3 part campaign adventure.

All notes are divided up by book to make reference easier. Information is given on NPC structure, motivation, tactics, and response to player character actions.

Lists show you what creatures are referenced, and the page of the book where you can find them.

A list of magic items and page references in the original books, as well as conversion notes, are included for each book.

A total of 96 custom NPC stat blocks were created for this conversion, as well as 36 new magic items, and 2 new spells.

In total, this conversion is 96 pages packed with everything you need to run this epic underdark campaign for D&D 5th edition.

This product is priced at $5.00


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