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The bottom of this page includes content usage, terms and conditions.

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Content Usage – Terms & Conditions (Updated 2/7/21)

Personal Use & Private Games

You may use and adapt the content for your personal (non-commerical) projects and private gaming sessions. If you choose to post what you have created online, you must include an attribution link (please see the following sections below).

Video Streaming & Podcast Usage

You may use non-watermarked versions of my maps and assets in video streams or podcasts such as YouTube, Twitch etc, but you must include an attribution link to within the video description section. 

If you are using the lower resolution, watermarked (free) versions of my maps, do ensure that Frag Maps watermark is visible in the video whenever the battle maps or assets are visible. 

If you are using the watermarked version, you are not required to include an attribution link in the description section (though it would really help me out if you did). 

Commercial License & Usage

You may not use my content in commercial products without my explicit permission. This includes physical and digital books, adventure modules, virtual tabletop libraries etc. 

The commercial usage limitations also apply to maps purchased through marketplaces such as Roll20, DriveThruRPG etc.

If you would like to purchase a commercial license, please contact me via Patreon messages or one of the many social media platforms that I am a part of. Thank you.

Additional information

For unique circumstances not covered above, please contact me directly. 

Collaborative content by other creators

The terms and conditions listed above does not cover material released as part of a collaboration, from other content creators. If you wish to use said content for commercial purposes, please contact the creators directly for further information. 


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