SOS7 Inn Dolo Delicto

Greetings adventurers and Game Masters! 

I am happy to announce the release of the seventh adventure in my Old School Series, “INN DOLO DELICTO“! This adventure is intended for 4 to 6 stalwart mid-level adventurers of levels 5 to 7. It is written to be generic and compatible with most fantasy role-playing games (FRPG), and should be playable most retroclone rulesets. This 34 page scenario takes place over three acts, in three different locales in the Oliva Valley: a roadside ambush, an inn full of enemies, and an ancient cave shrine where the bulk of the marauders have escape to. In order to complete their quest, your players will face off against various lycans (including 3 new species), their orgish allies, a greater doppelganger (a new monster created specifically for this adventure), and a host of other dangerous critters. 

Synopsis: While travelling thru The Imperium’s Oliva Valley, known far and wide for its namesake olives, you chose to stop for the night at a cheery looking hostelry called the Solis Inn. The innkeep seems to hover and has been eyeing you all night. Finally the woman comes over and begs you to hear a propositon she has to offer, for she says she is in dire straits and needs the help of heroes such as you appear to be. from your kit and your manner.

The innkeeper, one Camino Fiore by name, ask you to investigate an attack which has taken place at her twin sister Rabbin’s place, The Luna Inn, just a few miles down the imperial road twoards the fort Castella Sonos. It seems a  survivor of the attack, a half-elven magister named Shanadoria Umari, turned up recently on Camino’s doorstep. Shanadoria was bloody, beaten and spouting wild tales of ferocious, hairy attackers before she lost consciousness.

Camino is beside herself with dread! She promises you a sizeable sum and a valauble heirloom (her father’s magical crossbow) if you will agree to aid her! She needs you  to travel to her sister’s inn, investigate the disturbance, and rescue Rabbina if you can.

It’s time for you to earn the moniker “hero”, adventurers! Are you up to the challenge?

Maps of (1) The Oliva Valley, (2) The Luna Inn, (3) the abandoned Cave Shrine, & (4) The Forest Trail Ambush

SOS7_map1 SOS7_maps2

SOS7_map3 SOS7_map5

Cartography by: (1) (2) & (3) Dyson Logos, as modified by Louis “sirlou” Kahn; and (2) Louis “sirlou” Kahn, all rights reserved.    

PLUS you also get a free copy of my 2021 Starry Knight Press Catalog, which has information on all of my modules and supplements, as well as maps of the known portions of my campaign world of Terrans, and bonus content (new monsters and magic items for OSR/5E) from my published books!

Thank you for your custom and your support of Starry Knight Press!

Louis “sirlou” Kahn
Starry Knight Press
July 2021

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