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In July we are celebrating one year of Cyber Forge! Join us to get a massive release and stay for monthly packs of amazing sci-fi minis made with passion!

This month the Tormentors from June Release are joining the GIGA Welcome Pack as an iconic Cyber Forge Model for everyone joining us!

This platform offers a great and affordable way to get a ton of miniatures and support the artists.

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  • Stay with us and at the start of each month, you will get the newest full set packed with thematic sci-fi miniatures – heroes, monsters, terrain, scenery, and big WOW models!
  • Collect endless free Patron bonuses! We are always looking for innovative ways to surprise you and bring you the best 3D printing experience!

Test for yourself the quality of models in Cyber Forge 3D Studio.

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As a signing bonus, you receive a Welcome Pack with our most iconic miniatures for free. It contains all the Cyber Forge Special Models you need to build up your collection!

  • Detective Ryan Ford
  • Kimiko
  • Favela Ninja
  • Street Mercenary
  • Skull Punk
  • Space Force – Marines Modular Set
  • Space Force – Tank Modular Set
  • Space Force – Battle Walker Modular Set
  • Cyber Force – Marines Modular Set
  • Cyber Force – CED Mech Modular Set
  • Cyber Force – Cyber Spinner
  • Tormentors – Heavy Marines Modular set
  • Bases Set – Industrial
  • Terrain Set – Cyberpunk

Don’t wait and get all the miniatures from the ever-growing Welcome Pack right now!

All our models come with a pre-supported version, that allows you to print them without any extra preparation on your side. Just Plug&Print! In order to bring the best 3D printing experience, you also get the new user-friendly pre-supported model versions. This method takes a bit more material but will allow you to print fail-free even if you have just begun your adventure with 3D Print!

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GRIDWARS: Age of Cyberpunk

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Happy Printing!
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