Defenders of the Spring Citadel


Something is about to be born. Will you be there to witness it?


Above the high, terraced walls of the city, cloaked in green, pink specks float on the wind. Visitors who had never seen the strange sights of Niddir might comment on the hanging gardens visible from nearly everywhere in the city, or on the strange unnatural hue of the sky. Some might look past the city beyond the cliffside, where a sprawling, bizarre hellscape stretches out before you, contrasting with the lush beauty of this dragonborn garrison.”

You have arrived at the flowered gates of Khor, the Spring Citadel, a city of danger and beauty, piety and sin, nobility and poverty. This city has recently thrown open its gates to the rest of the continent of Faerûn, inviting foreigners to explore the winding streets and view the beautiful spring blooms.

However, tourists aren’t the only visitors to come to this land of dragons and danger. Adventurers have arrived… as well as those they hunt.

Defenders of the Spring Citadel is a full adventure campaign for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, going all the way from 1st to 5th level. This campaign is perfect for a group looking to explore the pulse of a city with a unique flavor and history completely unknown to the larger setting of the Forgotten Realms. In this adventure your players will experience the rhythm of the city, thwart an assassination attempt, raid a smuggling ring, help hunt (or hinder) a bounty, gain the favor of a politician, discover an ancient tomb deep beneath the cobblestones, and, of course, take lots and lots of pictures so they can tell all their friends back home!

Your players can experience all of these and more – if the city doesn’t swallow them whole.

Included in this adventure:

  • A full-length, 79 page adventure taking place in a brand new location in Faerûn. 
  • 4 brand new magic items, including an item which evolves as your players progress in the story.
  • 13 sidekick-ready NPCs, and balance options fully incorporated for solo play.
  • A full Monster Manual for not just this adventure, but for all four adventures in the Labor of the Dragon God series, including over 30 unique monsters!
  • 1 new unique race in the monster manual, the Wyrmborn, with three subraces, the Gorgon, Naga, and Gemini.
  • 2 unique feats for dragonborn and kobolds with a drop of dragon blood. 
  • Gorgeous cover art by Zenartus, and other insert art and maps by David Hardie.
  • An overview of the country of Niddir, a shattered land that was broken apart and rearranged during the second sundering. 
  • The beginning of a four-part adventure series which will take your players all the way to level 20!

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An adventure by David Hardie
Cover art by Connor Gábor Gagyi, also known as Zenartus.