Weirdspace – Corebook

Full 256 page version of the game 477% funded through Kickstarter!

Within these daft pages you’ll find a myriad of ideas for running Weirdspace as a sandbox game in a thriving system of planets, multiple populated worlds, magic, psychic abilities, martial arts, sports, many many alien skills, training, languages, character flaws, cheating death with technology and other means, holograms and sentient virus characters, vehicle design rules, second hand spaceships, vehicle based combat, convoluted magic items generator (one of the D100xD100xD100 tables), employment options including bounty hunting, guns and close combat weaponry, upgrades for both, grenades and missiles, infections and diseases, lists of equipment, clothing, armour, bionic / synthetic parts, bars & drugs (some with unique side effects) and black market items!

Mini games too, such as Jammy Baby Flinging, Zomball, and ‘We’re Stuck In A Zombie Movie’ including a D100 table should you get bitten by a zombie to keep the players on their toes…

And the now INFAMOUS full ‘Morning After Table’. A D100xD100xD100 situation creator that can throw your players in at the deep end and has been used to create entire one shot exploits as well as hilarious adventure starting points!

If you’d like more of an idea of the game, there is also the FREE Quickstart on DriveThruRPG, which has Pre-Generated characters and One Shot.

The Kickstarter also has links to the above mentioned Morning After One Shot Actual Play 

Printed Versions Available On Request

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