100 Books to Find in or About the Pirate Nations

Books can be a source of useful and important knowledge, but libraries are not filled with books that can be described as such. Shelves will also hold books that are less useful; religious tracts, legends, histories, biographies, memoirs, scientific works and fiction. This supplement adds 100 different books that a GameMaster can use to flesh out a bookshelf. All the titles, apart from proper names, are given in English, even though the authors hail from the different countries of the Pirate Nations, for ease of use. Whether or not an individual book has anything useful in-game is up to the GM; books can be founts of misinformation as well as knowledge.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Heroes of the Rebellion by Mojisola (Biographies of the leaders of the slave rebellion on Jaragua that drove the Atabean Trading Company from the island)
  • Heroes or Villains? by Timo Paestum (An examination of the actions of the Red Hand League who took control of Naucriparos and use it as a base for hiring out mercenaries)
  • Hunting Monsters by Lachina O’Séaghdha (A book of dubious provenance that claims to provide useful tips for hunting the creatures of the Sea of Monsters)
  • Ifrians in the Atabean by Tomás de Diego (A history of the transport of Ifrians to the Atabean, primarily by the Atabean Trading Company)
  • In Pursuit of Pleasure by Corinna Ephyra (Written in Ephyra about praising the god Dithyrambos through constant revelry and pleasure seeking)

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