100 Hooks and Rumours to Hear in the Pirate Nations

This is a selection of one hundred different rumours that could be discovered by characters in the Pirate Nations. Whether or not any of these rumours are true is up to the GameMaster. Some rumours are based on the truth whilst others may have misinterpretations and some do have elements that are definitely not true, or at least not canon. An individual GM can decide that they are true in their campaign.

These rumours can be used as potential adventure hooks or as simple misinformation or background colour to be used whilst characters are looking for other information.

Here are some sample results:

  • Lærke Ulriksdottir, the Chief of Security of the Atabean Trading Company, is best known as the martial face of the Company, happy to crack heads or kill people, something she enjoys doing. However, it’s rumoured that Lærke is more subtle than she might initially seem. That, though she does enjoy violence as much as it seems, she has also set up a network of spies and informers across the Atabean Sea and beyond, all funneling valuable information on anything back to the Company.
  • Les Alpes Azurées on Jaragua are a rich source of many minerals, and conflict, sometimes violent, has arisen between the Jaraguan government and the Chiefdom of Mariana over the ownership of these minerals. Recently, things seem to have intensified, with both sides having lost miners, though both also deny at least some of the attacks, suggesting there may be a third party trying to stir up trouble.
  • Madame Murmur, the owner of the gambling den called Le Gros Vert on La Bucca, is said to have won the den in a game of cards and, despite frequently being challenged to games with the gambling hall as the prize, never loses. Some whisper that such cannot be natural, that no-one, no matter how lucky or skilled, can maintain the sort of winning streak that Madame Murmur has. They say she has some sort of artefact that alters chance in her favour.
  • Mangrove Base, Chaplain Nkansa’s former headquarters on Jaragua, came under the control of the Maiana after the Atabean Trading Company was driven from the island, and is now the seat of government for Chief Pablo de la Cruz. Though other Jaraguans are still welcome there, many are unhappy that de la Cruz now controls the base. There are rumours that some are so unhappy that they intend to drive the Mariana out of the settlement once and for all.
  • Many ghouls have been spotted wandering Les Alpes Azurées on Jaragua, and the local ngangas are finding the presence of so many ghouls of apparently Théan origin extremely strange. Recently, there have been reports that the ghouls, who feed on unwary animals and humans, have been appearing in greater numbers and behaving in a strangely organised fashion, something that would be even more disturbing, should it prove to be true.

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