Cups of Clearwine

Cups of Clearwine is a sourcebook for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, detailing the lives of ordinary people who can help you have extraordinary adventures.  Cups has details for a dozen households, each with plot hooks for the area and beyond.  Every household was created to add to the interest and playability of the area.

Cups expands the area halfway up the city, between the newest areas of the city, and the old, rich nobility.  Here there are food and wine shops, crafters, and old, retired warriors.  A vendref who left the grazelands lives next to a trollkin night watch guard.  The distant cousin of Samastina of Esrolia has a home in the area, making a living and spreading joy as a courtesan.

In addition to the highly detailed households, there are general plot hooks suitable for any level of party, and a fully realised, ready-to-play five-page adventure.  There is an appendix of goods for those who wish to buy from the crafters or the food and wine shops.

The download files are the full PDF and a no-background version designed for the Amazon Kindle and smaller or older computers.

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