Imperium: Titanus

While the gods rule the Cosmos, the Titans were the ones who made it.


While most think of monsters and enemies when they think of the Titans, the Titans of Greek legend were far more than this. They were the gods of a previous age, those who put the basic foundations of the World in place, and fought and were defeated by their younglings. Although their most famous members are locked within Tartarus, many of them still live among the gods, still meddling in human affairs, and as present and powerful now as they were before.


Here, in this book, is just a bit about them and their deeds.

This book includes

  • A summarized line of events that lead, happen at, and followed, the Titanomachy.
  • The description of over 20 Titans, Primordials, and some other things.
  • A short description of a few groups that can tie their work in the world direct to the Titans.
  • Over 30 new Birthrights.

Hope you all enjoy and take care, terrifying creatures are ahead.

Book created to be used with the Scion 2ed Origina and Hero books, as well with the Companion and the Titanomachy suplements.

(This book might include the mention of some deed that might be triggering to some. Viewer discretion is advised.)

This product is priced at $5.50


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