Locker of Lost Techniques

Locker of Lost Techniques: 

Why a locker? Who lost these techniques? Who really wants to play as a spikey-haired super soldier with a giant sword or a warlock covered in magical armor slaying fiends? This book doesn’t answer any of these questions. In fact, it asks some of them of you and then provides you with options as you work to make your own answers.

Inside you will find a wealth of new weapons, special armors, magical items, and even alchemical creations.

In addition, there are 14 new subclasses for Martial Classes, Half-Casters, and Warlock. Some of which are heavily inspired by Video Games, Movies, and Shows. 

Not to mention some feats to help round out your character. 

What do you say? Why not open up the locker, pick up a new weapon, try out a new style, and leap into battle like a Bullette that just spotted a party of level ones.

Other Works from Taka SK:

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Sorcerer Revision: Bloodline Spells – A rule supplement for Sorcerer

The Revelations of the Ice Dawn – A spell conversion of spells from 3.5 to 5e, orignially released in Dragon Magazine. 

The Rogue-Like – A similarly video game inspired concept, though one designed very tongue in cheek. 

The Regiment of Insanity – A sprawling text full of subclasses, races, and even some racial feats. It contains the two products below, which are still available seperately:

– The Summoner – A Warlock Subclass focused on bringing forth powerful reflections of mighty creatures. 

– Sigil Soldier – A complete class themed around using arcane sigils to empower their martial combat. 

This product is priced at $8.00


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