Milby’s Maps just shared: “Château de Chenonceau (Work-in-Progress)”

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When I draw real places, I do a lot of research and I think it pays off. One of the most interesting things about this place wasn’t in any of the floor plans I found, old or new. I actually discovered it from an instagram video I stumbled across. Apparently, there are stairs leading from the basement kitchens down into the water below the castle. In addition to just being really cool, it gives the place a semi-secret entrance to enter or leave by, which is always a nice option to give a party, should they make the effort to look for it.

I’d normally expect this to take about three days to color and finish up, but I’m going to be going camping for a couple days, so it’ll be a little longer than that. I wanted to let you all know in case anyone needs to send me any messages in that time. It’s completely fine if you do, it just might take a few days before I can get back to you.

Anyway, I’ll be leaving tomorrow, but I’m going to try to get as much work done on this as I can before then!


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