The Evil at Ra Manor

The Evil at Ra Manor is a tier 2 adventure designed to encourage heavy roleplay as the characters will need to use all their talents to acquire the information necessary to aid Jolene, a local business owner, who’s staff have been disappearing. The adventure spans 19 pages with original story and art created for this adventure. Additionally you will also find 7 pages of Appendix with handy NPC cards, Magical Item cards and Custom Stat Block cards.


The adventure has the players answering a plea for help from the famed Jolene Rosecheeks whose employees have gone missing. The quest to find and rescue the employees will take your players through the world renowned brothel known as The Little Pleasures where they will have to use their cunning, charm, and intelligence to gain as much information as they can before attempting to infiltrate the Ra Manor in an attempt to rescue the employees. The Manor is riddled with dangers and internal conflict. What will your players do? Will they fight everyone in their path, will they seek out an ally? Will they stumble head first into every deadly situation imaginable before realizing they are dealing with a Vampire and her spawn. 

PC Level: This adventure is designed for 3-4 5th level players, but can be modified for both higher and lower level characters.

Estimated Time to Play: 8-12 hours

Included in the purchase:

  • 19 pages of adventure featuring original art by Christopher Leloup (Check out his other stuff on instagram)
  • 7 pages of appendix including:
    • 19 Custom NPC cards
    • 6 Custom Statblock Cards
    • 1 Custom Magical Item Card
    • 6 Maps
    • 2 Handouts
  • All maps and handouts provided separately for printing or use with VTT.
  • Printer friendly black&white versions without the art

This product is priced at $4.95


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